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Mists iLevel reference

I had trouble finding a ready reference to the ilvl ranges for Mists, so after hunting around all the usual sites came up with the following. I’ll revise this post if the numbers change. Update 2012.10.03: Revised Heroic iLvl (was … Continue reading

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The Watcher

Thinking more about how people could learn the game without YouTube or Tankspot, it seems that an Observer mode would be an excellent addition. Some mechanism which allowed you to join a fight in progress as a watcher only, hovering … Continue reading

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April WoW Fools

Best April Fools post? El’s Cataclysm Aquarium! Please please please make it so, Blizzard! Storing dead fish in bags or bank vaults is smelly. And nobody can see your rarest catches**. Fish tanks allow anglers to keep their rarest catches alive … Continue reading

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GTAIV, WoW, and cocaine

The Observer published a crushingly personal account of addiction to GTAIV combined with an equally crippling cocaine habit. It’s a depressing and hard core world the author portrays – gaming day-in day-out, whilst keeping a cocaine habit going, and pretty … Continue reading

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Needle in a Haystack

11.5 million players. 74 Big Love Rockets.

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Achievement metagaming

I’m plodding around Azeroth on Kodo in pursuit of my Elder title, visiting all sorts of far flung places with nary a soul around. Other than other Achievement seekers, of course. Which is kind of sad – Ashzara for example is … Continue reading

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‘It’s very rude of him,’ she said, `To come and spoil the fun!’

Question of the day: do you watch the LK cinematic or not? On the yea side of the argument, our Guild is so far from actually doing this encounter ingame that it may as well be a different game. By … Continue reading

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Is it just me, or does Blizzard sound suspiciously like Microsoft in their latest twitter chat? “Trust us, the next release (Win7/Office2010/Cataclysm) will fix everything…” Mind you, Cataclysm still sounds great – especially Goblins and Archaeology. And here’s hoping the Epic … Continue reading

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Weekly Marmot

If you’re not watching Lore’s weekly Marmot videos on Tankspot, you should. Even if you’re not a tank. He’s hilarious. Last week was a classic.

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Syp’s /played list is constantly surprising. How can one player switch between so many MMOs? There can only be one answer: there’s more than one of him! More likely he’s just really good at playing mmo’s the way you’re meant … Continue reading

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