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One of these is not like the other

From Vishanka, Jaws of the Earth: To this: The joys of stats-not-looks-upgrades while levelling. To the transmogger! Advertisements

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Levelling like a very slow train

So far in Pandaria I have levelled my 3 85s to…85. I’m completely besotted with the scenery and so have spent the entire time just wandering around and /gasping. Pandaria is stunning, like an entire continent made of Nagrand beauty. … Continue reading

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Spirit of Harmony – Bind on Guild

After upgrading my Engineering, I sent a guild call out to let any miners and herbalists know that I had a nice pair of Mist-Piercing Goggles waiting if they sent through the mats. Of course I’d neglected to take into … Continue reading

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Mana bombs and the problem with Goblins

Theramore was an obvious misstep by Blizzard. As has been well documented, the problems are less to do with the scenario itself than with the story delivery, and more specifically with the expectations that were heaped upon it. We were … Continue reading

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WoW screenshot tweaking guide

Rades’ fabul(or)ous Guide to making your WoW screenshots look great. Always wondered how Rades (and the hopefully-only-temporarily-retired Cynwise – how great is that Deathwing shot) managed to make screen-caps look so good.

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Mists iLevel reference

I had trouble finding a ready reference to the ilvl ranges for Mists, so after hunting around all the usual sites came up with the following. I’ll revise this post if the numbers change. Update 2012.10.03: Revised Heroic iLvl (was … Continue reading

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Curious crate

It’s been a year since posting here, but with Mists lurking only days away it seems a good time to start posting a few things. A brief catch up first. I’m undecided about who or what to focus on for … Continue reading

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Salty Banehammer

1 thoroughly read copy of “Nat Pagle’s Extreme’ Anglin.” 1 Magical Crawdad. 1 Dark Herring. 1 Lucky Fishing Hat. 1 Arcanite Fishing Pole. 2 server transfers. 40 Speckled Tastyfish. 5826 fish caught. 3492 other stuff caught. 9318 total casts.   … Continue reading

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The Watcher

Thinking more about how people could learn the game without YouTube or Tankspot, it seems that an Observer mode would be an excellent addition. Some mechanism which allowed you to join a fight in progress as a watcher only, hovering … Continue reading

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The Interwebs are bathed in the fiery afterglow of the Cataclysm class changes, with the main response being: “NIMBY“. It’s a little disconcerting reading bloggers whose opinions are usually well thought out and rational going a little crazy in response. … Continue reading

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