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GTAIV, WoW, and cocaine

The Observer published a crushingly personal account of addiction to GTAIV combined with an equally crippling cocaine habit. It’s a depressing and hard core world the author portrays – gaming day-in day-out, whilst keeping a cocaine habit going, and pretty … Continue reading

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There are 50 million bands out there

Another week of food for thought. Beautifully crafted reflections on becoming The Loremaster from Linedan at Panzercow Epic Slant wants to be Uninstanced – arguing the instancing of everything has removed community Shock! An established blogger, Suzina at Kill Ten … Continue reading

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In which Bane develops a…bane

Things I can’t do: Fly an aeroplane ‘Get’ Jazz Cook tempura Leverage the low hanging fruit Tank HoR One of these things is easier than the rest. Our guild whistled through it with Pallytank, but endlessly wiped with me. It’s … Continue reading

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Loremaster Insanity

Now that I’m Netherdraked, I’m pondering what the next goal for Bane should be. And for reasons probably best left unexplored (but where’s the fun in that?) Loremaster is calling. Loremaster is insane. Not as insane as Insane in the … Continue reading

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On Wings of Nether

I finally got my Netherwing Drake, a thing of great beauty and the most gorgeous mount in the game. It may not have the heft of the Protodrakes, or the scarcity of the Icebound Frostbrood Vanquishers (though they too look amazing), but … Continue reading

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One percent

A spontaneous guild group formed last night and we cleaned our way through normal ToC, FoS, and PoS nice and easy. And even finally scored some upgrades for our Healer, and some boots for me. ToC was a bit of … Continue reading

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It gets late early out there

The (half) weekly roundup: Spinks mounts a nice defence of TotC as a raid trainer, given “it’s not possible to really learn how to play your class in heroics any more” – and bemoans Blizzard’s lack of in game mechanisms for … Continue reading

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Hard Easy Modes

Reading posts about guilds bashing their heads stubbornly against an seemingly insurmountable foe is inspiring and terrifying. Gravity tweeted about an 22 wipe night with his 10 man strict group (followed by a 16 wipe victory!), and Feist’s 25 man … Continue reading

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Just back from a long weekend /afk, and it’s taken pretty much the entire day to plough through my RSS feeds. Sometimes I think Honorshammer had it right in this tweet about /ignoring all the clutter, but then I catch-up … Continue reading

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Mass Effected

I played the opening chapter of Mass Effect the other night, and it was superb. Terrific voice acting, nice cut scenes and story development, and an interesting plot. The NPCs are well designed, adhering to stereotypes but not in a … Continue reading

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