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MMO Exclusivity

Since I started playing Warcraft, I don’t think I’ve played any other game in anger. Any. That is bizarre, given it’s been 2 years or so. Before WoW (WoW-BC) I would play games like NWN, KotoR, HL2, etc. Post WoW … Continue reading

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I believe there is something out there watching us

Deep thoughts from the week past: Tankspot founder Ciderhelm emerges from a long silence with a detailed analysis of the future of raiding. Well worth the read, including thoughtful responses from Lore (who disagrees) and others. On a similar topic, … Continue reading

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Old skool PVP

There’s an interesting thread over at slashdot asking where are the Ultima Online style MMOs. Whilst the question is broad, the discussion revolves around the pros and cons of the Player Killer, aka PVP. In UO, it sounds like everywhere … Continue reading

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Starcraft Beta Marmot

I don’t play RTS. Despite trying again and again with Total War, I epic failed every time – there’s too much going on, especially for someone used to the sedate pace of Civilization. But Starcraft II is sorely tempting, mostly … Continue reading

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Gear Checks

It’s interesting reading about hitting a hard limit on progress. Righteous Orbs has a lovely public service announcement for people complaining that fights are easy when they require 7k DPS average. 7k! Awesome. Our guild DPS tops out at 3.5k, … Continue reading

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They’re all smarter than you out there

After last week’s tank-parison, this week it’s tank-pug-hell: Spinks encounters the dreaded Knockback Man! Lots of yelling ensues. Tarsus groups with people who don’t understand corners. More yelling. Tamarind on the other hand has an against-all-odds ICC PUG success. No … Continue reading

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Needle in a Haystack

11.5 million players. 74 Big Love Rockets.

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Achievement metagaming

I’m plodding around Azeroth on Kodo in pursuit of my¬†Elder title, visiting all sorts of far flung places with nary a soul around. Other than other Achievement seekers, of course. Which is kind of sad – Ashzara for example is … Continue reading

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The truth is out there

Read it and weep: It’s Tank-parison week: BBB covers Druids vs Paladins, WoW in an Hour looks at Paladins vs Warriors. Achtung Panzercow on new 80’s tanking Heroics in LFD BioBreak has LFD struggles before catching purple fever, Tobold doesn’t … Continue reading

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Oo-oo, baby you’re a fool for love

Banehammer is now officially a Fool for Love, having cleared the final two hurdles last night. The first was to get a nice bouquet of roses from the first boss in UK, Prince Keleseth. Because the roses only drop off … Continue reading

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