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There’s something out there waiting for us, and it ain’t no man

Interesting articles of the week: Righteous Orbs on accidental Raid leading BioBreak on hitting the Level 80 Wall – ‘grats and kudos on the brilliant choice of picture for the post ;-) Tank Like a Girl Storms Icecrown Citadel Tanking … Continue reading

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Learning to Tank

I ran my second Oculus ever the other day (it’s truly not as bad as everyone says – as long as at least someone in the party knows what they’re doing) with a 79 Prot Paladin rolling tank. After buffs … Continue reading

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The other side

I’ve unretired my 80 Rogue Stroeb, freed her from Black Tabby stalking to have a crack at random LFD. I’ve never been a pugger, I think mainly because I find the idea of pugging and tanking terrifying and stressful – not … Continue reading

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Pen & Paper Healers

Our DnD group is rolling up a new party for a fresh campaign, using the Pathfinder rules – euphemistically referred to as Dungeons & Dragons 3.75, as it was created by the disenchanted/disenfranchised writers of the of the official game, … Continue reading

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Salty #3

Another week, another valiant attempt. I had a chance to try the Stranglethorn Extravaganza today, managed to hook 31 Speckled Tastyfish before the (Alliance!) winner had their 40. Which is not too bad I guess, given an appalling start where … Continue reading

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The Tank o’ Terror

Spinks is right – tanking is scary. Well, it’s scary in a PuG. So much so that I can count the number of tanking PuGs I’ve done on one…finger. I love tanking with my guild, they know me, I them, … Continue reading

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Liquid QQ

Spotted on the streets of Sydney: Down a Milk for quality mana qq, or Mango for everyone else!

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Spinks asks how WoW (and others MMOs) could be improved to help new players learn the ropes – especially level 80’s who are expected to know ~48 bosses in 16 dungeons the moment they ding max level. So what are … Continue reading

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Mentoring is an idea my MMO friends have tossed around for a while now. It’s not something you see much of in Warcraft, but mentoring junior players could add a level of class depth to the game, especially for those … Continue reading

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Salty #2

No luck this morning. Obviously my Salty strategy needs work. I’ve got the right rod, hat, and know most of the top spots thanks to El’s. And I make sure that either Chuck, Mr Pinchy’s Magical Crawdad, or my Sewer … Continue reading

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